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zara frenzy
31 May 2020 @ 07:00 pm


Feel free to add me. I'd love to talk to you.
Fandom, meme, and life posts. Fanfic and my song lyrics sometimes (Lyrics on FC2 blog)
11-22-13. The World will be Watching. Catching Fire.
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zara frenzy
26 March 2013 @ 11:25 am
Why, hello! It is me, your old Zara, who has been gone for months without saying anything. It's been so long since I've been here. I'm sorry I missed a lot of your posts and I have no idea how everyone is but I could say I'm back? Maybe. Sorta. I've decided to change accounts to oldtrenchcoat since I've been on this account for years and I think it's time for a overall change.
I'll be adding all my mutual followers. This account will still be here for old memories but all the watchers and groups and people who i've added but never talked to is getting out of control.
(This new lj userface, eh, I prefer the old one.)

Anyway how is everyone? Anyone still here? & thanks for all those Birthday messages, I feel so bad not replying.
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zara frenzy
30 November 2012 @ 02:38 pm
So, hi, guys. Haven't really posted here in a while. Just a quick update.

So i've gotten into Sherlock recently. Yeah, not really a good idea. I've been obsessed. Whoops. I can't wait till 2014 till Series 3. Ugh. I've also started re-watching Supernatural. I didn't exactly leave it but the TV Channel I used to see it on doesn't air anymore and my torrents weren't working. They are now so i'm downloading every season for a re-watch. I've seen season 1-3 (missed maybe 1 or 2 episodes), 4-7 and I'm currently dying over the eighth season or should I say season GR8. The episodes have been amazing and i'm not going to spoil it but the character development for Dean and Cas are great. Oh, and I started watching Doctor Who. I saw most of the 10th doctor on BBC with my dad and I just finished downloading the 9th doctor. The 9th doctor is amazing. I'm actually sad he didn't get more episodes. He was just so sassy.

And on my life I was wondering about getting contact lenses. I asked my dad and he said he could get them on my birthday but I'm not that sure myself... Anyone else wear/use them?
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zara frenzy
05 October 2012 @ 04:04 pm

I think for the first story we can have something on the medium of scary. Skin-Walkers or Dopplegangers.

Title: My friend's Mother.
From: /r/nosleep.

ago by erikda777

This happened to me about six years ago. I was either thirteen or fourteen years old when it
happened. My palms are becoming sweaty just from thinking about the
story I’m about to tell you, it took quite some courage to start writing
this. I guess I’ll try and keep it short.

ah, fuck it, not trusting anyone's mom againCollapse )
zara frenzy
30 September 2012 @ 10:08 pm
So... I just got back from the gym. My mom and me went together. All the way downstairs she bitched about me taking an extra 5 minutes to change in to gym clothes. Excuse me for not wanting to stink up my clothes. All the while I was jogging on the tredmile I got to listen to her complain about me like; 'i don't look good', 'i'm overweight', 'i make her life hell', etc. I put on my headphones after 15 minutes of this and she becomes louder so I could listen. Under my headphones I hear her say something like 'look at those people. hah, they must be laughing at you because you're so fat'. I don't know about you but my body is a very hard subject. I feel horrible if anyone says anything about it. So I just felt like shrinking back. I felt disgusted by myself, again. I quickly finished up my 3 miles and ran back upstairs. I was gripping my wrist so hard and I pierced my skin with my own nails. Ugh. I... I love her with all my heart and I know she does too but, damn it. That fucking hurt. She KNOWS I have body issues but no.
I'm never going to purge again because it hurts so bad afterwards. My throat was so raw and my stomach hurt so goddamn bad.

I've been browsing 'pro-ana' blogs. I would NEVER EVER promote anorexia but I found myself staring at these thinspo pictures and feeling so bad. Today I tried this diet which only consists of half an apple in the morning, for lunch another half apple and at dinner one whole cucumber. I ate the cucumber around an hour ago and i'm so hungry. Oh my god. Is it so hard. All I want is to look nice, wear cute things wear I won't look like someone threw clothes on a pig, eat without people thinking i'm eating because i'm fat.
Holy shit, in July I was bascially a few pounds lighter and didn't feel like this. Jesus. I'm a mess. I'm sorry all of you are reading such boring, annoying things about me. I'm just going to rest now since I feel so shitty.
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zara frenzy
28 September 2012 @ 02:01 am

Am I sick? I think I am. I just feel so ... unhappy these days. I just feel like hating myself. I... yesterday I tried cutting. I said I wouldn't though... since that thing with my classmate. But I ate a whole burger plus chips and I was disgusted. I tried to, and I'm ashamed of it, to vomit out my food but I couldn't. I got angry. and I started scratching my arms really forcefully and I got my paper cutter and gave a quick cut on my inner arm. It hurts like a bitch. Why. I feel so lonely. Cutting., bullimia, self hate. I don't want this.
I won't do it again but it felt somewhat inside... how do I say this, good. I really don't want this. I was fine few days ago...

zara frenzy
05 September 2012 @ 12:33 pm
Sigh. I've been busy these past weeks and have only been going on Tumblr at Coffee Shops. I have no time for anything since I have to study a lot. In Malaysia, school's a bit harder and math is killing me. I feel so exhausted. So I'm going on a semi-hiatus. Not sure when but I'll be back when I have time. I'll skim through my friends page every 2-3 days or so, I guess. So bye~

>September 5th, 2012 - ?
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zara frenzy
23 August 2012 @ 01:19 pm
Wow, I'm a mix batch of feelings. My dad gave away Lizzy without telling me. I got back home after a quick route to get bubble-tea/tapioca and when I returned Lizzy was getting taken away by some college girl. I grabbed him from her but my dad told me he gave my cat to her. I tried talking to my dad but it didn't work. ;A; Just so you know, I cried a lot that night. Even my mom was tearing up. Even now I always expect to see Lizzy but it always turns out to be Snowy. ALL MY SADNESS. This was Friday.

Since Monday was a holiday, my family went out to KLCC/Petrona Towers Mall. We met our friends/old neighbors there. They used to be our old neighbors but we're still friends after moving. Meimei (may-may), one of my oldest friends is like an older sister to me. She was the one who got me into anime. But now she doesn't like it anymore. She's about 5 years older than me. Her older brother, June-June (Jun-Jun) is a complete otaku. His room if filled with anime, manga, games, posters, etc.
We went to Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurant for dinner, and let me tell you that food is delicious. God, it's so good. Those taco's and quesadillas and those steaks. /mouth waters
In my usual manga/book store, Kinokuniya, I discovered a whole new section.
June-June usually goes to that side. I knew there was a English and Chinese manga section (with a few Japanese manga) but there's a place that's FILLED with even more Japanese manga and manga magazines. It's like pure heaven. I bought my first manga magazine, Hanayume, that was just out that day. I also got Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai #Volume 1 in Japanese.
& lastly, I even got my update to my book, The Flappers: Vixen by Jillian Larkin. Ingenue is great so far. The last book will be out in 2013 so I'm trying to read slow but I can't. I love this series. ♥
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zara frenzy
In the dark trysts,
At the night form,
A lake in darkness with skipping rocks.
As I watched ‘he’ came near to grab another,
to toss it afar.

He dark blue eyes, in a scatter,
What could he be thinking of?

 He glossed over the shallow waters,
Once step in, aren’t his shoes doused?

He flick the rock in the direction of me,
But I, well hidden, behind the green grove,
He step again and again forward,
Towards me,
I wondered if he wasn’t human,
Another one of me perhaps?

He went deeper and deeper till his head shone no more,
And I giddy with glee hid my face.
Half an hour,
I sat there,
Waiting for he,
I gathered up courage,
And swam forward,
Caressed his skin,
Oh, how dried up it must have been!

I took in his eyes,
They started before me,
I gathered him up,
Between my arms,
And kissed him once upon a forehead,
And dragged him down to,
Deep demise.

[i found this non-rhyme poem behind my school, around the flowerbeds. it was covered in soil and dirt and was ripped in places so i had to tape them together. no idea who wrote it though. kind of creepy isn't it? the handwriting was really weird too. neat in one place and deep and scratchy in another. now, the weird part is i remember leaving it in between my dictionary that no one uses but now it's missing. god, that's some creepy shit right there.]
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zara frenzy
04 July 2012 @ 12:09 pm
A few days ago there was this total sale going on books. They said you can stuff a bag with as many books you can find. One bag cost about $25. But since I REALLY wanted to get more books and it was a great deal so I got another bag. My dad also stuffed some cook books which took a lot of space, so I only managed to get 13 books.

I just finished watching the OVA's of Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku. It's adorable. I should really go read the manga.

And oh, did anyone read/see the newest Junjou chapter? I have NO idea what they're saying since it's the RAWS. Some parts are translated, courtesy to tumblr but the images are so cute and Misaki HUGS Akihiko and Pedojuiin confesses his love for Misaki again and Misaki actually rejects him saying "It's impossible." and Akihiko saw everything and Akihiko smiles like a real person with emotion and god, it's adorable.
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