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fic: -thg- He'll Pick me Up

title He'll Pick me Up
author [info]popuranoki
rating K+. Nothing more than the book.
word-count 243
type one-shot
characters Peeta/Katniss
summary Time after time. If I'm scared, he'll help me up.

3 years after everything. After the bombs on District 12. After the war. Im here, gathering my game and hauling it back home. It seems as nothing happened. But it did. My sister is gone. My mother is gone. Gale's gone. But the boy with the bread stay's.
 I bring up the meat and Peeta bakes. I remember, I got home after a quick hunt. My game bag had a few squirrels and a pheasant. I placed the bag on the counter. I called Peeta's name. He wasn't there. Did he run away? No, he wouldn't.
Had Snow come back? I shouted for him. I didn't get an answer. I panicked. My eyes were hazy and I kept rubbing them to get rid of the tears. It didn't help. I ran. Ran and ran.
I looked in the square where the reaping's used to happen. To my old house. To Peeta's old house. To the old bakery. I couldn't find him. I found myself in front of Peeta's door. I shivered. I broke down and hugged myself. I sobbed and sobbed before I heard a shout.
Katniss! Katniss!
I felt myself getting pulled up into a hug. He kept hugging me. I continued crying. He pat my hair and told me to calm down. My breathing stabled but I kept holding on to him. When I stopped he kissed my tears.

I realized that whenever I felt alone or scared he would be here with me.
Tags: !fanfiction, *books: hunger games
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