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Psychopath's Get Bored.

pressing against each other in a darkened swimming pool.

zara frenzy

❝v. エロアニメ ☆❞
An avox hands me a glass of orange juice

Born in Australia.
Anime& manga go around my life.

Megane girl. I love books. My favorite subject is Literature. Yaoi is my love. I fall in love with every bi-shonen. FOREVER ALONE.

I have two cats. Izzy, my sweety who loves to cuddle and sleep on my pillow and Snowy, my fat persian/ragdoll kitten who is fat and lazy but very soft. I have a Guinea Pig & Hamster too. Kamikaze, my Guinea Pig who *loves* to squeak early in the morning to wake me up and Glider, my hamster who sleeps ALL the TIME and eats a lot. At least he likes his wheel.
Animal Crazy! WHEE.

Favorite Animanga& Light Novel : Fushigi Yûgi, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Ouran High School Club, Darker than Black, Anohana, Mermaid Melody, Hayate No Gotoku, Ranma ½, FMA: Brotherhood, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Red Garden, Junjou Romantica, Toradora!, Kaichou wa maid sama, InuYasha, Nodame Cantabile, Dengeki Daisy, YuYu Hakusho, Shugo Chara, Magical Girl Squad Arusu, Chibi Maruko-chan, Fairy Tail, Ginban Kaleidoscope, Blood+, K-On!!, Gakuen Alice, Romeo × Juliet, plus, many more.
Favorite Video Games: Persona 3 Portable, Disgaea (All of them), Pokemon, Star Ocean: First Departure, Tales Series, Jeanne d'Arc, Riviera: The Promised Land, Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, Corpse Party, plus, many more.
Favorite books: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Maze Runner, The Uglies, Bad Moon Rising, The Golden Compass, Bartimaeus Trilogy, The Alchemyst series, Shadow Children, George the Overlander, Matilda, Percy Jackson, The Running Man, & Series of Unfortunate Events.


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